Saturday, August 21, 2010

Crime Fiction on the 'Net: Weekly Round-up

There's been some more great crime fiction stories on the Web this past week - from newspapers, magazines, and fellow bloggers. Hopefully you will all like finding an interesting article or two linked here, that you enjoy reading.

Just before I dive into the latest stories however, I thought I'd note that despite my previous comments about the Weekend Herald rarely if ever putting the books features or reviews from the Canvas magazine online (one of the reasons they have allowed me to republish my stories for them here on Crime Watch), they have now in fact put both my recent James Lee Burke feature, "Philosopher of Crime", and my feature/review of Ben Sanders and his (now #1 bestselling) debut THE FALLEN, online on the official NZ Herald website.

I'm not sure if this will continue with my future features for them, but I will let you know. If you've read and liked the stories, it would be cool if you went to the Herald website (click on the links above) and hit the 'like' button and/or leave a comment - it might encourage them to put more crime fiction stories online.

Crime Watch Weekly Round-Up: In the News and on the 'Net

What do you think of the round-up? Which articles do you find interesting? Is New Zealand crime on the rise? What about Indian and South African crime? Is Lehane lucky or good when it comes to film adaptations? Will you be heading to any of Val McDermid's New Zealand or Australian appearances over the next fortnight? Is THE GLASS RAINBOW a new pinnacle for the maestro, James Lee Burke? Please share your thoughts. I'd love to read what you think.

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  1. Craig - Thanks, as always, for this round-up of news. I find the growth of South African crime actually quite interesting; I've recently read a Jassy Mackenzie, and thought it had some good elements. And of course, I'm always interested when a new group of crime writers gets attention.... : )