Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Brad Pitt to play Sherlock Holmes' nemesis

In a few months crime fiction fans will be able to see the latest big-screen spin on the detective that popularised the genre more than 100 years ago. With Oscar-nominated Robert Downey Jr in the lead, British director Guy Ritchie (LOCK STOCK & TWO SMOKING BARRELS, SNATCH) has reportedly been crafting something of a new vision of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's iconic Sherlock Holmes. British actor and fellow Oscar nominee Jude Law is playing Watson.

It will be interesting to see whether this big-screen adaptation of a literary classic will be great (eg LORD OF THE RINGS) or disappointing (too many to name). Crime fiction fans worldwide will be holding their breath. And no doubt arguing about it after the fact.

And now, reports are coming out that an even bigger star has joined the cast, with Brad Pitt, another Oscar-nominated actor, being brought in to play Holmes' nemesis Moriarty (who apparently didn't even appear in earlier versions of the screenplay). There is more information on the announcement at: http://www.stuff.co.nz/dominion-post/entertainment/2761091/Brad-Pitt-joins-Sherlock-cast

What do you think of the choice of Pitt as Moriarty? Are you looking forward to Guy Ritchie's take on the film? How do you think Robert Downey Jr will go as Holmes?


  1. I kind of like the idea of Robert Downey Jnr as Holmes. I think he's a terrific actor, and there's also the parallel of his very public struggles with addiction. Apparently there's lots of sword fighting!

    Brad Pitt is an interesting choice as Moriarty. Again, I think he can be a fabulous actor, so him in a role as the bad guy could be worth a look.

    I do struggle with the need to cast huge name celebs in title roles. I think the most cringe worthy lately has been Angelina Jolie's casting as Kaye Scarpetta.

    I know the movie moguls are all about getting bums on seats in the theatres, but as a viewer I find it hard to suspend my disbelief at their personal lives spread all over the tabloids and woman's mags and see them as the character they are portraying. Call me narrow minded, but I do find it a struggle.

    Personally, I'd rather see an interesting no-name or up and coming actor/ actress.

  2. I agree. I actually like both Downey Jr and Pitt as actors - but they do carry that 'movie star' history with them, into a role.

    District 9, which I just saw last Thursday, was a great example of how great a movie with a no-name cast can still be.