Tuesday, September 22, 2009

McDermid's FEVER OF THE BONE to be reviewed on Radio New Zealand tomorrow

Every weekday morning at 10:30am, as part of the Nine to Noon show on Radio New Zealand National, a "Book of the Day" is reviewed. Occasionally this is a crime or thriller title. This Wednesday (tomorrow NZT) the book being reviewed is FEVER OF THE BONE by Val McDermid, the latest from the multi-award winning Scottish crime queen.

McDermid has written dozens of bestsellers, sold more than 10 million books, won and been shortlisted for many prestigious awards (including winning the prestigious CWA Gold Dagger for THE MERMAIDS SINGING), and had her stories adapted into acclaimed TV shows like Place of Execution and Wire in the Blood.

FEVER OF THE BONE is McDermid's sixth novel featuring dysfunctional profiler Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan (of Wire in the Blood fame), a pair who’ve intrigued readers with their undefined/unresolved relationship as colleagues and housemates. I have reviewed it for Good Reading magazine in Australia, so will be interested to hear what the Radio NZ reviewer thinks.

Fellow blogger, reviewer, and crime fiction afficionado Maxine Clarke has also written a good review of FEVER OF THE BONE at EuroCrime. You can see a full schedule of upcoming Nine to Noon book reviews (some of which are crime) at: http://www.booksellers.co.nz/bk_reviews.htm. I will post a link to the audio file of the review later this week.

Have you read FEVER OF THE BONE? Have you read Val McDermid? Have you been at any literary events where you've seen her in person? Please share your stories...


  1. I saw Val McDermid recently at a literary event. She really has a lovely personality not quite what you would expect from the violent television series. I have not read the books but now have a signed copy of Fever of the Bone, no sales resistance.

  2. I have read two (probably the first) in her series about Hill and Jordan. I liked them though they are a bit on the violent side.
    I have also read The Grave Tattoo. Not very realistic, but quite entertaining, in my opinion.

  3. Thanks for your kind mention, Craig. I am a bit hazy on which direction the clock goes in vis a vis you and me, but perhaps you are listening to this as I write this comment. Look forward to reading your take on the interview, if you do get chance to listen.
    I've read all Val McD's books over the years. I can also attest that she's a very friendly person who bothers to interact with her readers. A little-known fact, but confirmed by her, is that she and I were undergraduates together in the same college and indeed, on the same corridor of a hall of residence, "way back when".