Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Paul Cleave interviewed on Radio New Zealand

Christchurch-based crime writer Paul Cleave is going to be interviewed on Radio New Zealand's Nine to Noon show with Kathryn Ryan tomorrow. I understand the interview is scheduled for around 11:20am, for those able to tune in.

For everybody else, I will post a link to the audio file of the interview later this week. Although Cleave hasn't had a new book released in New Zealand since CEMETERY LAKE in May last year, and his upcoming book BLOOD MEN isn't released until February 2010, it has still been a pretty big week for the young Kiwi author (which may have led to the radio interview).

A few days ago, CEMETERY LAKE became Cleave's first book to be published in the United Kingdom, and then earlier this week the German translation hit #2 overall on the Amazon Germany bestseller list. An interview with Cleave was also recently published in Barry Forshaw's excellent crime fiction (e)magazine, Crime Time - read here.

So Cleave is certainly starting to get more and more international attention. It will be interesting to see the UK response to his novels over the coming weeks and months, especially as I understand his earlier books (THE CLEANER and THE KILLING HOUR) are also slated to be released over there by Random House.

While checking out the Radio New Zealand website, I also stumbled across a past interview with Cleave, from when CEMETERY LAKE was released in New Zealand last year. You can listen to that interview (which includes a reading from the book), here.

On a related point, I also found some interviews with other Kiwi crime/thriller writers from the past few months, that have been added to the sidebar on Radio/TV interviews. You can listen to interviews with:
What do you guys think of the radio interviews? Do you think they're something I should continue linking on this blog? Do you enjoy them (as opposed to links to just print reviews and interview). Does listening to any of these Kiwi authors affect whether or not you want to read their books? Comments welcome...

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  1. Yes, please link to them on the blog!

    I seldom listen to radio - I enjoy the quiet, so I often miss out on hearing about interviews I would have liked to have listened to. So the links certainly help.