Friday, September 11, 2009

REMINDER: Charitable Book Launch this Sunday at Gulf Harbour

Further to my post of 29 August, just a reminder for those in the area that a new local thriller, BLOOD BOND by Michael Green, will be launched at the Gulf Harbour Yacht Club on Sunday 13 September at 3pm.

BLOOD BOND is the second instalment in Green's trilogy centring on two branches of a family battling to survive in the aftermath of a catastrophic pandemic.

Green, a successful computer consultant and professional speaker who splits his time between New Zealand and Europe, lives on his yacht, Raconteur, based in Gulf Harbour, and uses his writing as a fundraising vehicle for the charity LifeLine (which provides free 24-hour phone counselling to people in need).

In addition to sales at the book launch and elsewhere, BLOOD BOND and the earlier BLOOD LINE can also be bought through the LifeLine website, with $10 of every sale made before 29 September also going to the charity. You can see Green's explanation for why he donates his book proceeds to LifeLine, at this page from last year's NZ Book Month blog.

It sounds like a great event, for a good cause as well as the launch of a new Kiwi thriller.

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