Monday, September 7, 2009

Gregg Hurwitz on New Zealand TV and radio

Further to my earlier posts about visiting author Gregg Hurwitz (who is currently in New Zealand), I found out when meeting him today that he will be on TVONE's Close Up programme tonight, and that he will also be interviewed as part of the Nine to Noon show on Radio New Zealand at 10am tomorrow (Wed 8 September):

I enjoyed hearing Hurwitz speak at the Takapuna Library today, and then meeting him afterwards for a few more questions. He is a very interesting, funny, and easygoing guy - and remarkably successful in some fairly diverse writing fields (thriller novels, screenplays, graphic novels, Shakespearean scholarship etc). I will post some thoughts/comments from his talk and our discussion on this blog later this week, along with a link to the Radio NZ interview, for those that miss it.

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