Wednesday, October 21, 2009

My review of CUT & RUN in the Nelson Mail

A review I wrote of debutant Kiwi crime writer Alix Bosco's CUT & RUN was published in today's issue of the Nelson Mail newspaper. You can read the review HERE.

In CUT & RUN, middle-aged legal researcher Anna Markunas, who has been getting back on her feet after dealing with a number of workplaces stresses (she is a former social worker) and family tragedies/challenges, finds there may be far more to the murder of a celebrated athlete in the arms of a celebrity socialite than the drugs-deal-gone-wrong killing most assume it was.

You can read the first chapter of CUT & RUN here. You can also read Kerre Woodham (Paper Plus celebrity reviewer's) review here, and Jo Taylor (Latitude magazine Editor's) review here.

I enjoyed CUT & RUN, and look forward to seeing what Bosco comes up with for her next Markunas novel. Have you read CUT & RUN? What do you think of Anna Markunas as a protagonist? What do you think of my review?

Comments welcome.


  1. Craig - Nice review : ). What I liked about it is that you focus on the depth and quality of the story. You give helpful details about the story, and you explain exactly what works for you. I also like that you give a little background on the author.

  2. Oops... just realised i had a crossed-link at first - did you read the CUT & RUN review Margot, or THE SILENT HOUR (by Michael Koryta) review?

  3. Thanks, Craig - I got to the right link and read the Cut and Run review.