Friday, October 30, 2009

Recent-ish media reviews and stories on Kiwi crime and thriller fiction

So far I've been linking to my own reviews of New Zealand crime and thriller fiction on this blog (or reprinting some where they're not available online), and also on occasion linking to or noting reviews or other media coverage from other people.

While I intend to continue with that approach moving forward, I thought I'd also do a bit of an overview post today, sweeping up some other coverage of recent-ish Kiwi crime and thriller titles that I may not have linked to yet (or that I've briefly mentioned but not really highlighted), in one post (with a nod to Donna from the excellent blog Big Beat from Badsville, who does the same with the plethora of media coverage on Scottish crime fiction, for inspiring the idea).

With Kiwi crime fiction seemingly on the rise, hopefully there will be more and more such reviews, articles etc in future. For now, here's links to some more reviews/articles on three New Zealand crime and thriller fiction debuts that have been released this year:

CUT & RUN by Alix BoscoOn Saturday I mentioned the review of Alix Bosco's CUT & RUN by acclaimed Kiwi journalist and crime writer Paul Thomas, in the Weekend Herald (NZ's biggest newspaper). Often the Canvas magazine articles aren't uploaded online, but this review now has been. You can read Thomas' full review here.

A recent review by radio station More FM can be found here.

BLOOD BOND by Michael Green
You can read a news story on the launch of this book, including info about the author, the trilogy, his charitable involvement etc, in this article by Les Watkins of the North Shore News, here.

You can read an enthusiastic review by Julia of New Plymouth-based Benny's Books, consistently rated one of the very top independent bookstores in New Zealand and the largest bookstore in Taranaki (bigger even than the local chainstores), here (you'll need to scroll down).

A decent-sized review by Patricia Thwaites in the Otago Daily Times on Saturday 17 October can be read here.

You can listen to an extract from the book and a good interview with author Dorothy Fowler from Radio New Zealand's Arts on Sunday programme with Lynn Freeman, here. The interview covers the plot and writing of the book, Fowler's interest in archaeology, her next book, and some other fascinating topics.

BLOOD BOND by Lindy KellyA review of the equestrian-set thriller on the Horse Talk website can be read here.

A review by former veterinarian Tedi Busch in the Nelson Mail newspaper (who I also review for at times) can be read here.
An article about Lindy Kelly overcoming several obstacles and winning a recent AMP Scholarship can be read here.

You can listen to an extract from the book and a good interview with Lindy Kelly from Radio New Zealand's Arts on Sunday programme with Lynn Freeman here.

Have you read any of these four Kiwi crime/thriller titles? If so, what do/did you think of them? If not, do they sound interesting - the types of books you'd read? Thoughts and comments welcome.

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