Thursday, November 12, 2009

221b online game launched

Warner has launched an impressive new online adventure game, 221B, in the lead-up to the film release of the eagerly-awaited Robert Downey Jr-starring Sherlock Holmes movie.

221B, which you can play HERE, allows you to take on the role of Holmes or his trusty sidekick Watson to solve crime and mystery in a dark, gritty London brought to life by director Guy Ritchie.

Named after Sherlock Holmes’ famous house on Baker St, London, the online game uses Facebook integration to allow lots of showing off to your friends as you become a super-sleuth detective. Action-loving players will also be able to chase thugs, pick locks and follow trails in a range of Flash mini-challenges designed to test their dexterity and puzzle-solving skills.

Speaking about the game, Sue Kroll, President, Warner Bros. Pictures Worldwide Marketing, said “Due to the iconic stature of Sherlock Holmes across the globe, we wanted to offer moviegoers the opportunity to enter Holmes’ world. In addition to seeing the movie’s trailers and other content, fans can actually interact as one of the main characters and test the same skills that Holmes and Watson need in the movie, using the most stunning new technology available.”

You can also see a recently-released trailer for the upcoming film HERE.

So, what are your thoughts on the game, the trailer, and the upcoming movie? Are you excited, disinterested, unimpressed? Personally I was a little ambivalent when I initially heard about the film, but the more I see of the production in the lead-up to release, the more I am getting interested. I quite like Robert Downey Jr as an actor as well, which probably helps. It certainly looks worth seeing, anyway. Hopefully it is good. Thoughts? Comments?

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  1. I'm excited and can't wait for the film - I like the choice of actors for Holmes and Watson, especially the fact that Downey Junior has had a well publicised battle with illicit substances, which makes him a most fitting choice to play Holmes. I'm also told there's lots of sword play which makes me naturally more enthusiastic.

    I'll have to try the game out then get back to you.

    From an entirely shallow point of view, the movie posters are great and the actors make good eye-candy.