Thursday, February 4, 2010

Vanda Symon to interview Paddy Richardson on Toroa Radio

Dunedin-based author Paddy Richardson, whose second thriller HUNTING BLIND was released in New Zealand and Australia earlier this week, will be interviewed by fellow Kiwi crime writer Vanda Symon on the Write On radio show next Wednesday.

HUNTING BLIND centres on Stephanie, a psychiatrist whose sister went missing as a little girl at a school picnic beside a lake 17 years ago. Now a new patient's revelations force Stephanie to re-examine her sister's disappearance, which left her family devastated and their community asking plenty of questions, and embark on a journey to uncover the truth.

Reviewer Michelle Hewitson called it an "accomplished novel" in her column on recent thrillers in the Weekend Herald last week (the first review I've seen - no online link unfortunately). I understand from Vanda that she also really enjoyed the psychological thriller as well. I am looking forward to reading it when my copy arrives. I am sure, judging by previous interviews Vanda has done with authors for her Write On radio show, that this upcoming interview will be quite fascinating and informative.

Write On is the radio show of the Otago Southland branch of the New Zealand Society of Authors, broadcast on Toroa Radio 1575kHz AM (a community access radio station). Vanda interviews authors (mainly local authors) on her show on the second Wednesday of each month, from noon till 1.00pm.

You can view Toroa Radio's website (through which you can often listen to broadcasts live, and access some archived material to listen to), here. You can see the Write On radio show blog, here.

You can also access an archived podcast of Vanda's lengthy and very interesting radio interview with Dunedin-based Scotsman and debutant thriller writer Liam McIlvanney (ALL THE COLOURS OF THE TOWN), here.

Have you read any of the Dunedin crime-writing trio's thrillers; Paddy Richardson, Vanda Symon, or Liam McIlvanney? If so, what did you think? Do you like reading (or listening to) authors talk about their books, their writing, and their lives? Thoughts and comments welcome.


  1. Craig - You ask an interesting question about authors being interviewed on radio, in newspapers and on television. I always enjoy learning about how and why other authors do what they do. It helps me to look at my own writing with a broader perspective. Speaking as a reader, I enjoy the "behind the scenes" look that one gets from interviews, too. It's very interesting to learn about the person behind the book.

    I haven't read Paddy Richardson yet, but I've enjoyed Vanda's work.

  2. Craig,

    Thanks to you I got a chance to read and enjoy Vanda Symon, but unfortunately, authors from NZ are hard to find locally. I can find them on the net, but S&H is very high, higher frequently than the cost of the book. Well, perhaps US distributors one day will start bringing them in.