Wednesday, May 26, 2010

9mm Quickfire Author Interviews: The Story So Far

Well, my not-quite-so-new 9mm series (quickfire interviews with crime/thriller writers featuring the same 9 questions) has been running for just over two months now, so I thought it was time to take stock, and do a little review of how things are going.

In the two months thusfar, I've published 9mm interviews with 14 authors, from six different countries (five, if you count Lee Child as American). My goal to mix up international and Kiwi authors has gone pretty well, with five Kiwis and nine internationals thusfar. My other goal to mix up a few big names with some lesser-known authors that deserve more attention, both from New Zealand and overseas, has also gone pretty well, I would say. The 14 published 9mm interviews thusfar are:
  1. Lee Child
  2. Paddy Richardson
  3. Jack Kerley
  4. Paul Cleave
  5. Margot Kinberg
  6. Vanda Symon
  7. Dennis Palumbo
  8. Andrew Grant
  9. Rob Kitchin
  10. Linwood Barclay
  11. Lou Allin
  12. Declan Burke
  13. Craig Russell
  14. Joan Druett

I'm pretty pleased with that line-up - especially in just two months - I hope you've all been enjoying the interviews thusfar. I already have some more great 9mm interviews 'in the can' ready for publication - including with Michael Koryta and even PD James (somehow I managed to weave the 9 questions into my hour-long interview with the Baronness - wasn't sure if I'd be able to, given a couple are kind of blunt or 'on the nose').
There should also be upcoming 9mm interviews with the likes of Mark Billingham (the Tom Thorne series) - pictured right, the 'bearded write-ist Stuart MacBride (the Logan Macrae series), and Thailand-based John Burdett (the Sonchai Jitpleecheep series). Please let me know if there are other authors you'd particularly like to see 'stare down the 9mm', paraphrasing Declan Burke - and I'll do my very best to arrange it.
Some perhaps-interesting observations for you - the Lee Child 9mm interview created the most 'visits' to Crime Watch (in fact the day I posted that was the most visitors I've ever had to this blog) - so I guess that link got passed around a bit. The Declan Burke and Margot Kinberg interviews got the most comments (five each) on Crime Watch itself.
Hopefully in future I can create more of an atmosphere for commentary and discussion here on Crime Watch - I'd like that to be something that this blog evolves towards.
So, what do you think of the 9mm series thusfar? Who has been your favourite interviewee? Which crime/thriller authors would you like to see interviewed? Have you enjoyed the mix of authors, Kiwi and international, big names and lesser-known? How could the series be improved?
I'd love to hear what you think. Thoughts and comments welcome.


  1. Craig - I'm very grateful to you for including me in your 9mm series, and I've enjoyed reading your interviews very much. It's nice to get to know some things about the people behind the books, so to speak. I'm impressed with the mix of authors you've included, too. It's given me a chance to "meet" all sorts of authors whose work I might not otherwise have read. Well done on this : ). I'd love to see interviews with Martin Edwards and Donna Moore on future editions.

  2. I'm not only impressed with the quality of your interviews but the frequency as well, and of your blog in general. Since finding your blog (via Jen Forbus's Detectives Around the World Week), it's become a fixture in my Google reader.

  3. Some big names there you've managed to nab - well done.

    It would be great to hear from Peter Temple and some of the Aussies, and Kate Atkinson if you can swing it.

    It's an enlightening series, keep it up!

  4. Craig - Those interviews were a fantastic idea. I enjoy them very much. I've seen others coming with interesting suggestions. It would be nice to interview some of the writers that blog in Murder is Everywhere, like Leigthon Gage,...etc.

  5. Thanks for all the great suggestions - I think I definitely need to include more 'international authors', e.g some continental europeans, australians, and others from africa/asia/south america etc. On that note, I've just been in touch with Singapore-based lawyer-turned-author Shamini Flint (the Inspector Singh series), who will be featuring in 9mm soon.

    I will do me very best to get 9mm interviews with Martin Edwards, Donna Moore, some Aussies, Leighton Gage etc... as well as many more.

  6. Great job with the interviews! I love them all but then I do have a soft spot for Mr Lee Child :)

  7. Martin Edwards 9mm interview to be posted tomorrow (Monday) - thanks for the suggestion Margot.