Saturday, May 29, 2010

Good article on visiting author John Connolly

One of the publications I occasionally write for, the Canvas magazine in the Weekend Herald (New Zealand's biggest-circulation newspaper), today has a great interview-based feature article on Irish crime writer John Connolly, who is touring New Zealand in the coming week.

The article, by regular Weekend Herald writer Stephen Jewell (who is based in the UK and writes some great articles), looks at Connolly's latest Charlie Parker novel THE WHISPERERS, the author's growing inclusion of supernatural or paranormal elements in his crime thrillers, why Connolly doesn't write about Ireland, his fascination with history, why he thinks he's a 'mystery' writer rather than a 'crime' writer, and his thoughts on his upcoming tour of New Zealand.

"Irish writers are supposed to write about Ireland, not just the country, but also our history, culture, and the dreadful problems we've had... It's been said that to be an Irish writer is to engage with Irishness, but there's nothing I wanted to engage with less," says Connolly at one point, discussing why he sets his novels in the USA.

It's a great interview, and I recommend anyone who can, gives it a read. If you are in New Zealand, you can read the review in this weekend's issue of the Weekend Herald. It's on page 22 of the Canvas magazine insert (the lifestyle/features mag in the weekend edition of the newspaper). Unfortunately, Canvas magazine articles aren't yet available online.

Incidentally, I am partway through THE WHISPERERS at the moment, hoping to finish it this weekend before I meet Connolly at his Auckland City event on Tuesday evening.

So, are you a Connolly fan? Do you like his Charlie Parker tales? What do you think of his comments re: Irish-focused Irish writing? Thoughts and comments welcome.

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