Monday, July 5, 2010

Crime Fiction on the 'Net: Weekly Round-up

There's been some more great crime fiction stories on the Web this past week - from newspapers, magazines, and fellow bloggers. Hopefully you will all like finding an interesting article or two linked here, that you enjoy reading, now and then.

Crime Watch Weekly Round-Up: In the News and on the 'Net

What do you think of the round-up? Which articles do you find interesting? What types of stories, articles, and reviews would you like me to focus on in future round-ups? Thoughts and comments welcome.


  1. Craig - Thanks so much for this roundup. It's so helpful you do this, because I do sometimes miss stories, and it's nice to have the opportunity to catch up.

  2. I'm a fan of the Australian writer, Peter Temple. It's nice to hear that at last a few of the big book prizes recognise the real value of a good story well told.

  3. craig,

    I thought the article about Tana French was most interesting. I had read the first two in her series, and I see the third one follows the pattern, of sorts.

    The lead character in the first novel is moved offstage in the second, and his partner becomes the lead character in the second novel. In the third novel, according to the article, she now moves off stage and her former boss, a secondary character in the second novel, now becomes the lead character in the third novel.

    While the atmosphere in the first two is dark and gritty, the two stories are quite different because the lead character is different. Yet, French still maintains the aura of familiarity which is so prized by many readers, including me.