Friday, July 9, 2010

Crime Watch reviewer launches global reading website

Crime Watch guest reviewer Sarah Gumbley (pictured right), who works in legal publishing in New Zealand as well as being passionate about books (she is a keen reader and also reviews novels and other works for magazines and websites in New Zealand and Australia), has recently launched a new website focused on global reading.

Literatlas ("the literary atlas") looks at books and publishing from a global perspective. It includes news and reviews, and will soon be adding exclusive podcasts and videos relating to books and reading.

Sarah is something of a specialist in web publishing, working on delivery of web-based legal resources for her publishing company, so I am looking forward to seeing how Literatlas develops as she adds more and more content in the coming weeks and months. You can also connect with Literatlas via Twitter and Facebook.

Sarah's Crime Watch reviews, which will also all soon be republished on Literatlas, include ALL THE COLOURS OF THE TOWN by Liam McIvanney (set in Scotland and Northern Ireland),
THE SINGAPORE SCHOOL OF VILLAINY by Shamini Flint (set in Singapore) and CITY OF VEILS by Zoe Ferraris (set in Saudi Arabia).

As you can see, Sarah is quite a keen 'global' reader (other reviews already on her website include books set in Iran and India), so we might have to get her involved in the 2010 Global Reading Challenge, the excellent web-based initiative sparked by fellow crime fiction enthusiast and blogger Dorte Jakobsen of Denmark-based DJ's Krimiblog.

Do you like to read 'globally'? Do you consciously try to read books set in different places? Written by authors from a variety of countries? What do you think of Sarah's new website? Thoughts and comments appreciated.

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  1. Craig - Thanks for this info; it sounds like a terrific website. I wouldn't say I consciously try to read globally, but I really do enjoy learning about different places, so I often end up reading books set in different countries. I wouldn't say I do it deliberately, though.