Saturday, August 28, 2010

Crime on the 'Net: Weekly Round-up

There's been some more great crime fiction stories on the Web this past week - from newspapers, magazines, and fellow bloggers. Hopefully you will all like finding an interesting article or two linked here, that you enjoy reading.

Just before I dive into the latest stories however, I thought I'd note that despite my previous comments about the Weekend Herald rarely putting its books features or reviews online (one of the reasons they have allowed me to republish my stories for them here on Crime Watch), that my feature on Val McDermid from last weekend's edition was also uploaded to the main NZ Herald website early this past week.

You can read that article in full here. I'm not sure if this recent inclusion of such crime fiction reviews and features on the main Herald website will continue (I have a feature on Peter James and Peter Robinson in today's Canvas magazine in the Weekend Herald, so I will keep an eye out for if or when they place that online), but I will let you know. You can also read my recent James Lee Burke feature, "Philosopher of Crime", and my feature/review of Ben Sanders and his (now #1 bestselling) debut THE FALLEN, online on the Herald website.

If you've read and liked my stories, whether here on Crime Watch, in the print version, or online on the Herald website, it would be cool if you went to the Herald website (click on the links above) and hit the 'like' button and/or leave a comment - it might encourage them to put more crime fiction stories online in future. I have upcoming features on Michael Robotham and Michael Connelly as well, in the coming weeks.

Crime Watch Weekly Round-Up: In the News and on the 'Net
What do you think of the round-up? Which articles do you find interesting? Is there a place for magic and the supernatural in crime fiction? What do you think of crime that leans heavily to the literary, like Temple's TRUTH or McNeish's THE CRIME OF HUEY DUNSTAN? Have you tried Adrian Hyland's Outback crime tales? Did you ever watch Twin Peaks? Have you read BLACKLANDS by Belinda Bauer? Please share your thoughts. I'd love to read what you think.


  1. Craig - Thanks, as always, for this round-up. And well done on all of the articles you've had come out recently. It is good to know that crime fiction is getting so much attention : ).

  2. Good round up ... I missed the Mark Billingham article.

    No to magic and supernatural stuff for me. Crime is about reality and usually based on reasonably understandable physics. Adding magic just takes the 'whodunnit' angle out of it. You don't feel for the characters as much, because it's partly make fantasy.

  3. That's a good point Dave B, although I did read a really good short story in the past year or so (I think it was from a recent-ish, ie past few years, issue of EQMM, AHMM, or the Strand) that was a detective tale set in hell, with flying demons etc. The author did very well to bring those 'supernatural' elements in but still let the detective solve the crime through rational deductions etc.

  4. I meant 'partly make believe and fantasy'

  5. I loved Twin Peaks. Was a brilliant series!