Thursday, February 10, 2011

Kiwi readers riding local crime wave?

In some more fantastic news on the New Zealand crime fiction front, the weekly bestseller lists published today have seen Vanda Symon's latest Sam Shephard novel, BOUND, deservedly debut at the #1 position on the New Zealand Adult Fiction bestseller list!

I'm very pleased for Symon, who has been writing terrific crime novels for several years. Hopefully this is a sign that her audience is growing, as I'm sure that many more readers would really enjoy her Sam Shephard tales, and become hooked on the series, if they just gave them a go.

On a wider New Zealand crime fiction front, it's also another push in what is hopefully a growing wave, in terms of recognition for our own good and great indigenous crime storytellers. After local crime fiction being overlooked for far too long, in recent times we've seen Lindy Kelly, Paddy Richardson, Ben Sanders, and now Vanda Symon all top the New Zealand Adult Fiction bestseller list, along with others like Paul Cleave and Paul Thomas make the top 5. I'm sure that the more New Zealand readers give New Zealand crime fiction a go, the more things will progress for our local authors. Their stories sure are good enough - they just need the readers to overcome any residual cultural cringe, give them a chance, and find out for themselves. In my experience, they won't be disappointed.

BOUND has been receiving many great reviews (I will post some links in the near future), so hopefully it will continue to sell well. Congratulations to Vanda Symon on her #1 bestseller - hopefully it's just the start of many more great things to come.

NB: For those in New Zealand, you should be able to pick up your own copy of BOUND from any good bookstore. You can also purchase it online at the likes of Mighty Ape, who are offering it at a special price at the moment (see here).

Have you read BOUND? Do you intend to? Do you buy New Zealand novels, crime or otherwise? Should NZ readers support NZ writers more? Comments welcome.

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