Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reminder: Luther starts on Kiwi TV screens tonight

I was browsing through the Sunday papers this grey Auckland afternoon (I enjoy reading both the Sunday Star-Times and the Herald on Sunday - there are others, but those are my go-to Sunday papers), when I glanced at the television section of the Herald on Sunday and saw that Neil Cross's acclaimed/criticised new cop show, Luther, was highlighted as the "Pick of the Day" from everything on TV on all channels, free-to-air and pay-TV, today and tonight. I have heard some very, very good things about this show, along with plenty of criticism and dislike as well. It seems to be a television show that is quite polarising; viewers and critics seem to either love it, or hate it. There doesn't seem much of a middle ground.

That can sometimes (but not always) be the sign of a good show - something that isn't middling and pandering to the widest audience - so I am very interested to see what my own response will be. Will I be a viewer who loves it, or one that doesn't? Will it resonate with me, or not? Will I care about the exceedingly-troubled cop played by the often-brilliant Idris Elba, or not?

Unfortunately, as I don't have the UKTV channel (part of the Sky pay-TV package) at home, I won't be finding out tonight. But for all of you Kiwi television watchers who do, go and check out Luther at 8:30pm tonight, and make up your own minds.

Comments welcome.


  1. Sadly I don't have the UKTV sky channel either. :(

  2. We'll have to wait for the DVD Pen...

  3. Hi Craig. I saw Michael on stage at the Oundle Fesitval of Literature (UK) last Friday. He was great to listen to - a pretty funny guy.