Sunday, March 20, 2011

Currently reading: LOVE YOU MORE

This weekend I've started reading LOVE YOU MORE, the latest novel from New Hampshire-based thriller writer Lisa Gardner, who I've heard terrific things about and have been meaning to read for ages (I have a copy of her earlier novel THE NEIGHBOUR in my TBR pile too).

LOVE YOU MORE was released in New Zealand this month. Here's the publisher's blurb:

"For Boston homicide detective D.D Warren, the scene is all too typical: young abused wife, finally pushed too far, shoots and kills her abusive husband. That the young wife is a [state trooper] will make the press rabid for details, but it's nothing D.D can't handle. But the little suburban home yields not only a dead body - there is also a little girl's bed and a little girl's toys, but no little girl. Where's the child? Soon, a homicide becomes a high profile missing person case, one that drills to the core of what makes Warren tick as both a detective and a human being. While a team searches the city for missing Sophie, D.D finds that every one answer leads to two more questions and that time is running out. Somewhere is a little girl, whispering, 'Save me...'"

I am enjoying it thusfar. You can read more about Gardner, a New York Times #1 bestseller, at her website here. Like some other bestselling US female thriller writers (eg Tami Hoag, Sandra Brown), Gardner cut her teeth on romance and romantic suspense before fully coming across to the 'dark side' with crime and thrillers. From all accounts, many are glad she's made the switch.

Have you read Lisa Gardner (her romance novels or crime thrillers)? Thoughts welcome.


  1. I like the sound of this one (though the comparison with Sandra Brown does not tempt me. I have read one of HER stories and concluded "soon read - soon forgotten").

  2. I have only read a couple of Gardner's books and must say for me they fall into the "meh" category - pass the time but I forget them the moment I'm finished - they seem to have interchangeable plots and protagonists.

  3. This book was fascinating from the very beginning. The plot is complex, as are the characters, and kept me riveted to the very end.