Friday, April 1, 2011

Bev Robitai releases her second mystery

Last year I came across a new-to-me New Zealand mystery writer, Bev Robitaille, who writes under the name Bev Robitai.

Robitai is a photographer for publications in New Zealand and overseas and a freelance writer for magazines like Next. Born in the UK, she has lived on Auckland's North Shore for 12 years, and spent the prior two decades in Nelson (my hometown). Her first crime novel, MURDER IN THE SECOND ROW, was launched at the Theatre Royal in Nelson last year.

I read and enjoyed her debut cosy-style theatre-set mystery - read my WildTomato review of MURDER IN THE SECOND ROW here. You can read a review by Bernadette of Reactions to Reading here.

Now Robitai has released her second mystery novel, entitled EYE FOR AN EYE. Here's the description: "It’s a long way from her home on a quiet farm in the Marlborough Sounds to the bustle of downtown Toronto, but Robyn Taylor is a fearless and practical woman who can turn her hand to anything, including some very inventive punishments when necessary. When she discovers that Colwyn Symons has defrauded her family of thousands of dollars, leading to her father’s death, she has to take action. His enjoyment of the high-rolling lifestyle in the big city will come to an abrupt end if she can only get her hands on him.

Mike Kent, a Canadian insurance investigator, persuades Robyn to help gather evidence that will put an end to Colwyn’s continuing frauds, but both of them underestimate Colwyn’s cold-blooded greed. When she faces kidnapping and attempted murder, Robyn’s survival skills are severely tested."

You can purchase an electronic version of EYE FOR AN EYE or MURDER IN THE SECOND ROW (in a variety of formats - Kindle, html, .pdf etc), for US$3.90 from Smashwords (see here).


  1. Craig - Oh, thanks for this!! I am definitely interested!

  2. Well I liked Bev's first book so I will definitely check this one out. Perhaps I can use it to knock off 2 elements of a geographic challenge with Bev being a Kiwi while the book is set in Canada

  3. I understand Bev was born in England, has spent the past 3 decades plus in New Zealand, and set the book in Canada, so you could have a triumvirate of locations there Bernadette. :-)

  4. Bev went on the wish list!

    I think it is a brilliant idea to keep us posted about e-books from New Zealand! Especially Smashwords books as they don´t charge the VAT that makes most Amazon books a bit pricey for Danish customers.