Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Ngaio Marsh Award 2011 - watch this space

Just a quick heads-up about the 2011 edition of the Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime novel, which was launched in Christchurch last year. Yes, the Award will be presented again in 2011 (for books published during 2010). The judging panel has been confirmed in the past few days, and will be announced soon. The seven judges, from New Zealand and overseas, will soon consider a shortlist of New Zealand crime novels published last year, and a group of finalists will be announced in the lead-up to an event to be held in Christchurch in late August.

At this stage it is likely that the event will have two high-profile visiting international crime writers in attendance also, which will be fantastic. I will release more details as they are confirmed.

There were some very, very good crime novels released by New Zealand and New Zealand-based authors last year, so I look forward to seeing some of them discussed, highlighted and honoured over the course of the coming months.

Did you read any of the New Zealand crime novels published in 2010? If so, who do you think should win the second instalment of the Ngaio Marsh Award? Comments welcome.


  1. Craig,

    If I were nominating for the list, I would certainly put in Ben Sanders name for _The Fallen_.

    It was one of the two books you sent, and it is superb. I especially enjoyed the buddy relationship with John Hale in the novel.

    Are there any more Devereaux/Hale books out?

  2. Hi Fred,

    Yes, I really enjoyed THE FALLEN also. It will definitely be on the shortlist for the award, and I imagine it might have a good chance of being a finalist, although there were some other very good Kiwi crime novels last year. It will be interesting to see what the judging panel comes up with.

    His second Deveareuax/Hale novel, BY ANY MEANS, comes out in NZ and Australian in August 2011.

  3. Craig,

    Thanks for the information. A reasonably-priced copy may fall into my hands.

  4. Craig, when is the awards taking place this year and where in CHCH. I would like to go.


  5. The presentation will be at an event on 21 August 2011 Linda, in Christchurch (at a venue in Hagley Park). The event will be part of the Christchurch Arts Festival, and international authors John Hart and Tess Gerritsen, along with some NZ authors, will be in attendance.