Thursday, July 7, 2011

Currently reading: THE SILENT GIRL

As I've shared here on Crime Watch recently, popular international crime writer Tess Gerritsen is heading New Zealand's way soon, to headline the Romance Writers of New Zealand Annual Conference, Love & Other Crimes, and also to appear at the presentation of the 2011 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel.

I'm currently reading Gerritsen's latest Rizzoli and Isles crime novel, THE SILENT GIRL. Here's a blurb:

"When a severed hand, clutching a gun, is found in a Chinatown alley in downtown Boston, detective Jane Rizzoli climbs to the adjacent roof-top and finds the hand's owner: a red-haired woman whose throat has been slashed so deeply the head is nearly severed. She is dressed all in black, and the only clues to her identity are a throwaway cell phone and a scrawled address of a long-shuttered restaurant.

With its wary immigrant population, Chinatown is a closed neighbourhood of long-held secrets - and nowhere is this more obvious than when Jane meets Iris Fang. Strikingly beautiful, her long black hair streaked with grey, she is a renowned martial arts master. Yet, despite being skilled in swordplay, neither she nor her strangely aloof daughter, Willow, will admit any knowledge of the rooftop murder. And pathologist Dr Maura Isles has determined that the murder weapon was a sword crafted of ancient metal from China.

It soon becomes clear that an ancient evil is stirring in Chinatown - an evil that has killed before, and will kill again - unless Jane and Iris can join forces, and defeat it ..."

Have you read many of Tess Gerritsen's novels? Are you a Rizzoli and Isles fan (in book form, or the TV adaptation)? Comments welcome.


  1. Craig - I've read a few Rizzoli and Isles novels ('though not this one). I like their earlier outings much better than the more recent ones, and I do like their characters.

  2. hi craig!

    is there anyway to contact you via email?

    i work with authorsolutions, an independent publisher, and wanted to ask about an address to send review copies.



  3. I always enjoy the Rizzoli and Isles novels but I'm not so interested in watching the TV show.