Saturday, July 2, 2011

Currently reading: TABOO by Casey Hill

Since I have a little breather before I have more 'must read' books (ie in preparation for interviews etc) to read, I thought I'd just take a random book off my TBR shelf and give it a go.

So my 51st book of the year will be (assuming I finish it) TABOO by Casey Hill, which 'features forensic investigator Reilly Steel'. Looking at the backcover, it seems I'm in for a forensically-focused crime tale akin to those of Patricia Cornwell, Kathy Reichs, Karin Slaughter and Jefferson Bass. Could be interesting. Reading the flap however, it seems this has a few other points of interest, and hopefully could be more than just another knock-off US style forensic thriller; Casey Hill is actually the pseudonym of a husband and wife writing team; Melissa and Kevin Hill. They live in Dublin, and the book is set in Ireland. Hmm... getting more interested already. So fingers crossed my random pick off the shelf could end up being a good or great discovery (for me).

Here's a backcover-style blurb:

Reilly Steel is a Quantico trained forensic investigator who comes to Dublin to head up the GFU, a new state-of-the-art Irish crime lab. Chris Marshall is a city homicide detective who is hiding a mysterious illness.

Reilly and Marshall are brought together in the hunt for a serial killer with a gruesome modus operandi – before death, he tortures his victims by forcing them to violate society’s most deep-seated cultural taboos.

To assist with the case, they enlist the help of FBI behaviourist Daniel Forrest. In the hope of anticipating the killer’s next move and trying to understand his motivation, the investigating team are forced to cast aside their own preconceptions about taboos, and learn everything they can about what society considers most forbidden.

What horrifying method will the killer choose next? And what point – if any – is he trying to make?

Have you read TABOO? Do you like just randomly trying new authors and novels that you've heard nothing about? Or do you prefer to read just favourite authors and new authors who've been recommended to you? Comments welcome.

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  1. I like trying new authors but not where the hook is "what horrifying method will the killer choose next"? A no-no for me as I have negative interest in reading about killing methods.