Thursday, July 28, 2011

What really goes on in the world of publishing?

As a reader, writer, or reviewer, have you ever wondered how or why certain decisions were made by publishers? Why certain books are published, and others not? What makes a book publishable? How the Internet might change the game for writers, readers, and publishers alike?

Well, for those who are truly interested in learning some of the 'inside secrets' of the world of publshing, and perhaps getting a little invaluable advice for their own budding writing career, there is now a course for you at the Creative Hub in Auckland. Coming up in October, former Penguin New Zealand Publishing Director Geoff Walker z(pictured) will leading a 10-week course entitled "Book Publishing - The Inside Story". Walker was the head of publishing at Penguin when they brought the likes of Vanda Symon, Paddy Richardson, and Alix Bosco on board - so he seems to have something of an appreciation for crime fiction too.

You can read much more about the course, including some FAQs, here.

The Creative Hub provides a variety of writing courses, taught by some of New Zealand’s leading writers and teachers of writing. Located on Auckland's beautiful Princes Wharf, it offers "a stunning location in which to have fun and learn new skills". The Hub's website says it aspires "to the highest standards of excellence, while preserving the sense of fun in exploring your own creativity". Tutors and workshops leaders include well-known authors Tessa Duder, Paula Morris, Graham Reid, Yvonne Van Dongen, Roger Hall, Tina Shaw, John Cranna and former Penguin publisher Geoff Walker. Although there are other writing schools in New Zealand, the Creative Hub touts itself as our country's first writing centre run entirely by professional authors and editors.

There are some other interesting-looking courses on offer too, including courses in fiction writing, screenwriting, and writing for children and teens. So if you're a budding writer in New Zealand, or want to learn more about books industry, head along to this website and take a look.

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