Wednesday, August 10, 2011

From reader to writer: feature on Ben Sanders

On Saturday, my latest crime writing-focused feature for the Weekend Herald, New Zealand's biggest-circulation newspaper, was published: an article on 21-year-old Auckland crime writer Ben Sanders, whose debut novel THE FALLEN sat atop the local bestseller charts for several weeks last year. THE FALLEN was also long-listed for the 2011 Ngaio Marsh Award for Best Crime Novel, so it's been a fairly good start to Sanders' crime writing career (to put it mildly).

This week, Sanders' second crime novel, BY ANY MEANS, was released - a tale that sees Detective Sean Devereaux juggling multiple homicide investigations, including a bus driver gunned down at rush on a busy city street, and the wife and daughter of a prominent businessman, found dead in their suburban home. Meanwhile Devereaux's unconventional buddy, ex-cop John Hale, tries to track down the men who kidnapped a girl from outside a nightclub, right in front of him.

I really enjoyed both THE FALLEN and BY ANY MEANS, and I'm looking forward to seeing Devereaux and Hale, and Sanders' writing, develop further over the coming years. He's started young, and very well, so the sky could be the limit for this engineering student and part-time crime writer.

In our interview we discussed his transition from reading crime to writing crime, choosing to see crime fiction in New Zealand, evoking Auckland, creating his characters, and how he got started so young, amongst other things. You can read now read the full article online at the Herald website, HERE.

Have you read THE FALLEN? Will you read BY ANY MEANS? What do you think of Sanders' crime writing? Is Auckland a good place to set crime fiction? Comments welcome.


  1. Craig,

    As you know, I have read Sanders' _The Fallen_ and I fully intend to read _By Any Means_. The only problem is getting a copy here in the States. I expect I'll be able to find a copy somewhere on the Net as I have no hope of finding it in a bookstore locally.

    Books published in foreign countries don't show up here except for an occasional find in a used bookstore. Only if a book is picked up by a US publisher will it appear locally. At one time, years ago, I was able to order books through bookstores from other countries, but that, unfortunately, is no longer an option.

  2. I like the implication of the title. The other day I saw a self-published writer brag about not having read a book since he left school. Well, at least I knew whose books I didn´t have to buy.