Tuesday, August 16, 2011


As part of my ongoing efforts to dig up and share some 'forgotten' Kiwi crime fiction that has fallen out of print, due to the vagaries of the publishing world, earlier this year I wrote about ON THE LIP OF A LION by Roy Jenner, which I had acquired online. That 2004 book (which got some good reviews on release) had been published by Hazard Press, a publisher that later went under, unfortunately taking the budding careers of several promising New Zealand popular fiction writers with it (at least temporarily).

Back in January, I noted that I hadn't been able to find out much more about the author, Roy Jenner, or whether he'd continued to write following Hazard's demise. I am very pleased to say that Jenner has written several more crime and thriller titles, and is now progressively making them available online in e-book form - which means Crime Watch readers, no matter where you are in the world, can give them a go.
Today, Jenner has released THE BRINGING DOWN OF THE HAWK. Here's the blurb: "World War 2 rips the hearts from the Starlings. A ten year old boy survives the London Blitz to mourn a father lost at Dunkirk. Eddie Starling emerges unscathed to battle Rommel in North Africa where Eddie is wounded. The war ends. Father and son reunite in New Zealand where their trust is exploited. The embittered son Ted Starling vows vengeance."

You can read a longer description of the book at the Smashwords website, where it is for sale in a variety of e-book forms for US$4.99, here. I understand several more of Jenner's novels (he has apparently written nine over the past few years) will become available to purchase in the coming weeks and months. You can read a little more about him and his crime and thriller writing at his blog here.Search through the July 2011 posts to see the variety of titles that he will soon be publishing.


  1. I have read this book and I can heartily recommend it. Roy Jenner's writing is smooth, the book well-crafted. His characters leap out at you, they are so real. It's impossible not to care about the Starlings, you will laugh and weep along with them. The Hawk is a great book, and not only for devotees of the crime thriller genre. Buy it - you'll love it!

  2. The first Roy Jenner novel that I read was "The Bringing Down of the Hawk" I can say that I was pleasantly surprised by the novel,I have read a number of Roy Jenner's novels, so I can assure any reader that they are completely unpredictable and "The Bringing down of the Hawk" is the type of Saga that would make a good Script for a Film. having had Military experience I can also assure a possible reader the the events described in the novel are so real that I find myself back in Egypt again, in my case this was 57 years ago.
    I can also recommend the second Roy Jenner novel that I read "On the Lip of the Lion". the story is based around Auckland New Zealand, one of the few Countries that I have not visited yet, I was again pleasantly surprised, this time I can say that If one likes to read before sleeping, you will have the problem of not being able to put the book down..and when you do try to sleep your mind will persist in thinking about the story that you have been reading.
    Before I started to read Roy Jenner's books I had been a follower of Wilbur Smith, who I met in South Africa in the 1970's. however, now he has to share his priveleged place with Roy Jenner, Now I have two favourite Authors.....
    November 30th 2011