Tuesday, August 9, 2011

News flash: Ngaio event, including elusive Alix Bosco!

The line-up for "Setting the Stage for Murder" has now been confirmed, with the news that all four of the Ngaio Marsh Award finalists will be at the event on 21 August. That's right, the line-up will include the 2010 winner, the mysterious 'Alix Bosco'. So head to the Christchurch Arts Festival website and grab your tickets now, and secure your spot at a crime fiction event that just gets better and better: six great crime writers, two international superstars, four terrific Kiwi authors, the announcement of the winner of the 2011 Ngaio Marsh Award, and the first ever public event for 'Alix Bosco' - meet the person behind the mystery.


  1. You mean that the mystery of the identity of ALIX BOSCO will actually be solved?!!!! I can't wait!

  2. Yes - are you going to come down for it Joan?