Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Vanda Symon: International Guest of Honour at SheKilda

Acclaimed Dunedin crime writer and 2010 Ngaio Marsh Award finalist Vanda Symon is one of three international guests of honour appearing at the upcoming Shekilda 2011 crime writing convention in Melbourne, Australia.

Symon (author of the Sam Shephard series) joins South African Margie Orford (author of the Dr Clare Hart series) and Singapore's Shamini Flint (author of the Inspector Singh series) as an International Guest of Honour at SheKilda - the Australian Women's Crime Writers' Convention, to be held from 7-9 October. The convention is organised by the Australian arm of Sisters in Crime, an international organisation supporting and promoting female crime writers, that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The Australian arm is also celebrating its 20th anniversary.

Here's the brief rundown of SheKilda Again, the 2011 convention:


The Plot:
To celebrate women’s crime writing on the page and screen and bring a collective critical eye to the field.

The Motive:
To mark the 20th anniversary of Sisters in Crime Australia Inc by a 500-strong gathering that brings together women writers, true crime practitioners and those who enjoy women’s crime writing.

Modus Operandi:
To hold SheKilda Again, Women’s Crime Writers' Convention 2011 (October 7-9), Rydges Hotel, 701 Swanston St, Carlton, Victoria

The convention will involve all leading Australian women crime novelists together with true-crime writers, screen-writers, producers, booksellers, publishers, lawyers, judges, police, forensic specialists, librarians, academics, critics and (mostly) readers and viewers. It will discuss and analyse books, film and television shows, law and justice issues, new trends and critical issues of the genre.

It looks like there will be many terrific events over the three days of the convention. You can read the full programme here. Symon will be appearing at several events, including:
Symon is also delivering the End Note Speech at the Closing event for the convention, on Sunday at 3.30pm.

It looks like it will be a great three days, full of terrific crime fiction authors and events.


  1. Craig - Sounds like a lovely convention! Wish I could be there...

  2. I am so excited about being a guest at SheKilda. Three days of wallowing in the world of great women crime writers and crime fiction...bliss.

  3. I'm almost tempted to head on over for it, despite being the less deadly of the species myself - it looks a really terrific line-up, plus I have several good mates in Melbourne I haven't seen for a while - have been looking for an excuse to pop over the Tasman sometime anyway... the timing is not quite right for me, but it is very tempting nonetheless...

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