Wednesday, September 7, 2011

About a boy: My Life as a Book

Thanks to two excellent book bloggers, Margot of Confessions of a Mystery Novelist and Norman of Crime Scraps, I've come across the 'My Life as a Book' meme, which is a bit of harmless fun where bookloving people select titles of books they've read as the answers to a series of questions/statements about their own life. You can read more about the meme here.

I've decided to have a go today, and like Norman, will try to add a degree of difficulty, and do the best I can by only using the titles of books I've read during 2011 (68 books and counting). Also, since Margot and Norman have shared old photos of themselves, I thought I should do the same. Most of my really old photos are at my parents house in Nelson, but for now, here's one that's from my early 'glasses, braces, skinny as a rake' days at high school, hiking the Heaphy Track near Nelson in Easter 1993 (see left). Such a long time ago, haha.

So here goes with my book title answers (a word of warning, my answers here are intended to be very tongue-in-cheek, and just a bit of harmless fun):

One time at band/summer camp, I: (rafted into the) BACK OF BEYOND [by CJ Box]

Weekends at my house are: NO OPPORTUNITY WASTED [by Phil Keoghan]

My neighbour is: THE SILENT GIRL [by Tess Gerritsen]

My boss is: STILL MISSING [by Chevy Stevens]

My ex was: (a) BITTERROOT [by James Lee Burke] - just kidding.

My superhero secret identity is: RED WOLF [by Liza Marklund]

You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry because: (I'd) SHATTER THE BONES [by Stuart MacBride]

I’d win a gold medal in: SMILING, JACK [by Ken Catran] - I am very smiley.

I’d pay good money for: CARTE BLANCHE [by Jeffery Deaver]

If I were president, I would: (be warned against) A POLITICAL AFFAIR [by Andrew Porteous]

When I don’t have good books, I: (am) THE TROUBLED MAN [by Henning Mankell]

Loud talkers at the movies should be: BURIED ALIVE [by JA Kerley]

This little bit of fun has actually inspired me to do a bit more of a real or serious 'my life in books' post soon, biographically and bibliographically tracing my reading life (eg taking readers through the books/series that I loved as a child, adolescent, teen, uni student, lawyer, traveller, now writer etc). I'll try to post that in the coming days - could be fun too, reflecting on the different books and authors that I've loved at different times of my life, and how my reading has evolved etc.

So, what do you think of 'My Life as a Book'? Fire away!


  1. Fun indeed, but when people see our answers, they may wonder how harmless we really are ;)

  2. Craig - I love these answers! Your idea for loud talkers at movies is inspired :-). And I like your answer to what you'd do as president, too.

    Thanks for sharing that terrific picture, too. That's a great shot of you taking on the world. I love it!

    Finally, thanks for the mention and link to my blog :-)

  3. Some inventive choices there Craig. Great photo, perhaps I should have sorted out one from my very brief skinny period.