Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Seventy per cent

At the start of this year I decided to set myself the goal, as part of a reading challenge on the Good Reads website, of reading 100 books during 2011. Last year I read 65-70, and a similar amount in 2009. For most people, this is a phenomenal amount of novel reading - and for me it's a lot, particularly when I also do so much reading of other things as part of my at time very hectic hectic job. I know there are several other bloggers, reviewers, and readers for whom 100 books a year wouldn't necessarily be that big a number. For me, however, it was a stretch, so I thought it was a good target to set myself.

As of today, I'm right on target - 70 books read. Here's the line-up so far (in reverse order), with links to my reviews or articles, where they are available online. The titles marked with a (*) are 'new to me' crime writers in 2011:

I'll follow up with some thoughts on the overall range of titles I've read so far this year, in another post soon. Feel free to share your thoughts on any of the above titles or authors. Have you read any/many of these books this year? What have been your favourite books so far in 2011? Who are your 'new to you' writers this year? What is the best debut novel you've read? Who is the author you have read the most?


  1. There's a good range there Craig, and good luck with meeting your goal.

  2. Initial thoughts, at a glance: need more new-to-me authors, more translated authors, and more female authors ...

  3. Hi Craig,
    I feel really fortunate that Auckland Libraries has such an awesome range of books available (I'm about 650 on a list of nearly 800 requests for 'The Affair'). Fortunately there's kindle-for-PC, because I'm just getting into e-books. I recently read 'Fox Five' by Zoë Sharp - it's a great intro to 'Charlie Fox' and the series has just been re-issued as e-books. I'm trying the authors on - and enjoyed Cornelia Read's distinctive writing style. All the best with your goal.