Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Bookman Beattie' thoughts on latest Bosch novel

 My fellow Ngaio Marsh Award judge Graham "Bookman" Beattie, deservedly one of the most well-respected figures on the New Zealand books scene, regularly reviews crime novels for Radio New Zealand.

This morning, as part of Kathryn Ryan's popular 'Nine to Noon' show, Beattie reviewed THE DROP, the latest Harry Bosch thriller from Michael Connelly, who both Beattie and I think is one of the very best in the business when it comes to global contemporary crime fiction.

"In my view it's Connelly at his best, and really there aren't many better," says Beattie of THE DROP. He also praised Connelly's touch for underlying themes and ambiquities, as well as noting that he likes the character of Bosch enormously. "I read the book late into the night over the weekend, it is a must read for crime fiction fans." You can listen to Beattie's full 5mins review here, or read a near-transcript of his review at his always-informative blog, Beattie's Book Blog, here.

Are you a Michael Connelly and/or Harry Bosch fan? Have you read THE DROP? Thoughts welcome.


  1. I. want. that. book. now. ;-) Seriously, I'm glad it's living up to its promise!

  2. THE DROP was one of my top three crime reads of 2011. Connolly is surely the best in the business at the modern "police procedural". In fact he's so good at it, he makes it loook easy.

  3. When did Bosch get his Mustang? I read his books in order, and didn"t see where he got rid of his MBZ suv ??

  4. Last week I finished reading The Narrows, where Harry was a private investigator with his MBZ SUV. Then, I read The Closers where he returned to the LAPD, (think he still has the same car - dont' recall) - I've just started reading (i think it is the next book after this) Echo Park, and Harry now has a blue Mustang.