Thursday, December 1, 2011

Happy Birthday Bev Robitai

Just a quick note to wish New Zealand mystery writer Bev Robitai a Happy Birthday. I stumbled across Robitai and her work online last year, and read and enjoyed MURDER IN THE SECOND ROW, her debut novel, a theatre-set cosy-style mystery (see my review here, Reactions to Reading review here).

I've since met Robitai at a few Auckland-based book events, and she's a great supporter of New Zealand writing, as well as being a talented author herself. Along with getting her own books published, she has helped other local authors get their projects into ebook and paperback form, and available on sites like Smashwords, as well as distributed to stores through independent channels.

Robitai's second book, originally entitled EYE FOR AN EYE, was released earlier this year. The tale of a woman hunting down a conman who has ruined many lives has recently been re-released with a new cover, and a new title, 22 WAYS TO GET REVENGE.

Feel free to join me in wishing Robitai a very happy birthday here on Crime Watch, or on her author Facebook page here. Or, if you feel like it, perhaps give her a present she'd really appreciate, by trying one of her books, and then leaving some feedback or a review for her - I can certainly recommend MURDER IN THE SECOND ROW as a light, fun read with a great theatrical setting.

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  1. Hello, trying to contact you Craig regarding A J Burton {NZ Author} whom you connected with on - I think...
    His detective murder mystery Demon's Coven is now published by Quintessence Publications and we would like to offer you a free copy to review.
    Please contact us as there seems to be no contact YOU opportunity on this blog.