Monday, December 19, 2011

Jo Nesbø talks about Harry Hole (video)

Tonight, I have a late-ish night ahead, as I have the privilege of interviewing superstar Norwegian crime writer Jo Nesbø, who will be touring New Zealand in March next year. Given the time differences between New Zealand and Norway, the interview doesn't start until midnight my time. Still, not a bad way to spend a Monday night/early Tuesday morning - getting to chat to someone like Jo Nesbø.

To mark the occasion, and to prime Crime Watch's New Zealand viewers for Nesbø's upcoming New Zealand tour, I thought I'd share with you a video of Nesbø talking about the character of Harry Hole, his popular and intriguing detective:


  1. Craig - I'll look forward to your interview.

  2. Thanks Craig for posting this video. I realise that the reason I liked the French TV series Braquo so much [apart from the gorgeous women] was that Eddy Caplan the lead cop reminded me so much of Harry Hole, in that he becomes like the criminals he is is chasing.