Monday, February 20, 2012


I get books delivered to me all the time - some from publishers for review, some directly from authors, and some that I've bought myself from online or other stores.

One of my deliveries last week brought a big smile to my face: NORTHERN WINTERS ARE MURDER by Lou Allin, a Canadian author who has graciously given her time to be one of the Ngaio Marsh Award judges the past two years, and has provided a lot of advice about setting up the award and a crime writing society in New Zealand (Allin is one of the VPs of Crime Writers Canada).

I've been meaning to read one of Allin's books for quite a while, but unfortunately they're not readily available in New Zealand. So recently, despite a vow to try to stop buying so many books (as I have far too many in the TBR pile already, let alone all the various review copies I'm sent), I purchased NORTHERN WINTERS ARE MURDER from Amazon. Here's the blurb:

Another freezing winter descends in seeming peace upon the Northern Ontario lake where realtor Belle Palmer lives genteelly with her dog, tropical fishes and classic film collection. But the snow-laden tranquillity is tragically disturbed when a good friend is lost in a freak snowmobile accident on an isolated lake. Or so it seems. Belle and others suspect foul play, but a motive and a criminal prove hard to find. Resort owners, anti-environmentalists and the new local drug dealers may all have had reason to want Jim Burian quietly removed, and information isn't forthcoming. Belle is determined to find out what happened to this decent man, but she is shocked when she discovers what twisted roots underlie this savage crime on idyllic northern ice.

I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what happens. You can read my 9mm interview with Allin here.

Have you read any of Lou Allin's mysteries? What do you think of her Belle Palmer tales?

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  1. Thanks for the vote of confidence, Craig! Bundle up when you open Northern Winters.