Friday, February 24, 2012

A sneak peak at the upcoming "Headhunters" film

As I've noted a few times, Norwegian crime writing superstar Jo Nesbø is touring New Zealand next month in support of his latest Harry Hole novel PHANTOM, and the cinematic release of a film adaptation of his standalone art heist thriller HEADHUNTERS. Nesbø will be attending events in Auckland, Wanaka, Christchurch, and Wellington, and in each city there will be a preview screening of "Headhunters" (see full tour itinerary here). Now, you can watch the trailer for the film:

It certainly looks pretty exciting!

I enjoyed reading HEADHUNTERS last year, and I'm looking forward to watching the movie in a couple of weeks time. As Nesbø recently told me during our interview for a large feature in the New Zealand Listener, he doesn't know where the inspiration for HEADHUNTERS came from.“When you write songs, sometimes you struggle for weeks and weeks, and sometimes you write one in 20 minutes. And this was a 20-minute song. I woke up one morning, I was just lying there, and I just came up with the idea. It was like it was there, already finished.”

At the time, Nesbø was between Harry Hole books, and looking for a break from his detective. He wrote HEADHUNTERS quickly, and that sense of pace carries through into the book (and hopefully, also the movie - which has been very successful in Europe). “If it reads like easy work, that’s how the writing was, too,” Nesbø told me. “It’s not too complicated, it’s got more humour probably than the Harry Hole books, and it’s like an Ocean’s 11 feeling, it’s playful, not really serious. It was fun to write.”

Hat tip to Karen from EuroCrime about the trailer being available.

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