Wednesday, March 14, 2012

HUNTERS by David J Daniel

HUNTERS by David J Daniel (CreateSpace, 2012)

A beautiful young woman is brutally murdered on the way home from a bar. The suspects are lined up. Her ex fiancé - brain damaged in a serious car crash. Her current boyfriend - a drug dealer with a somewhat violent past. Her drunken step-father. All prime suspects. But are any of them guilty? Is there a suspect the police are overlooking. A suspect that staring them right in the face? A fast paced, thrilling murder mystery that sends chills down your spine and keeps the reader guessing at the identity of the killer until the very last chapter.

David J. Daniel lives in New Zealand with his wife and three children. As well as writing he has enjoyed a career as a Police Officer and Aviation Security Sergeant. HUNTERS is his second novel, and first crime novel.

Available from Amazon in paperback and e-book form for Kindle.


It seems budding New Zealand authors, just like many of their overseas counterparts, are now embracing the e-book revolution and the ability to test the market directly with their writing, rather than going through traditional large publishers. HUNTERS is the latest such book by a New Zealand crime or thriller writer I have come across. It was released on Amazon last month.

I guess it's good to see that the growing New Zealand crime fiction scene isn't restricted to those authors that are being published more and more by the big publishing houses like Penguin, HarperCollins and Hodder, and that the passion for crime fiction by Kiwis exists much more broadly.

Have you read many ebook originals or print-on-demand titles from crime writers - New Zealanders or otherwise - who have taken advantage of opportunities on Amazon, Smashwords and elsewhere? What have been some of your 'finds' amongst the titles available online?

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  1. Hunters sounds great, on my tbr list already!

    CODING ISIS by David Roys is a fascinating techno thriller. Roys lives in Christchurch. I first read it as an ebook (Amazon) and now it's available as a paperback.