Friday, April 6, 2012

Top Notch: classic British thrillers for modern readers

From Ngaio Marsh Award judge and crime fiction afficianado Mike Ripley:

Ostara Publishing’s Top Notch Thriller imprint is proud to announce the reissue of two bestselling novels from the man once described as “the thriller-writer discovery of the Seventies”, Duncan Kyle.

Duncan Kyle (John Broxholme, 1930-2001) shot to fame in 1970 with his debut thriller A Cage of Ice and by the time Terror’s Cradle was first published in 1975 he was being ranked alongside Alistair Maclean and Desmond Bagley and by 1976 was Chairman of the Crime Writers Association.

The new TNT editions of Duncan Kyle’s A Cage of Ice and Terror’s Cradle are now available as print-on-demand trade paperbacks and as eBooks. Kyle’s classic World War II thriller Black Camelot was published by Top Notch in 2010.

A new feature on The Guile of Duncan Kyle can now be found on the Ostara website at which provides background on the ‘discovery’ of Kyle’s debut thriller by an insomniac publisher (!), how the author’s first novel was written for a bet in one week and the secret of the legendary Duncan Kyle Martini…
In less than three years, Top Notch Thrillers have published 24 ‘Great British Thrillers’ which did not deserve to be forgotten, from authors including: Geoffrey Household, Victor Canning, Francis Clifford, John Gardner, Adam Hall and Brian Callison.

The Series Editor is crime writer and critic Mike Ripley, who writes the monthly Getting Away With Murder column on

FORTHCOMING TITLES: Berkely Mather’s ripping yarn The Pass Beyond Kashmir (1960) and David Brierley’s classic cold war spy thriller Big Bear, Little Bear (1981) set in 1948 Berlin.

All Top Notch Thrillers are available direct via Amazon or and can be ordered through bookshops.For further information:


  1. There is a tranche of old "lesser known" but high quality British crime fiction currently being made available very cheaply in Kindle format, in distinctive covers (I think Vintage). That is, on Amazon UK, I hope you can get these bargains in NZ also. For example, I don't think I knew that Hillaire Belloc wrote crime fiction till I saw this listing.

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