Friday, May 11, 2012

Me and Mr McGee

The public programme proper of the 2012 Auckland Writers and Readers Festival kicked off this morning, after the Gala Opening last night. I managed to get along to Greg 'Alix Bosco' McGee's session today, where the former Junior All Black, acclaimed playwright, TV screenwriter, Ngaio Marsh Award-winning crime novelist, and sports biographer was talking about LOVE & MONEY, his first novel under his own name, released recently. During an intriguing conversation with Finlay McDonald, McGee (who as Alix Bosco won the 2010 Ngaio Marsh Award for his debut novel CUT & RUN) talked about the 1987-era setting of LOVE & MONEY - a tumultous and effervescent time for New Zealand - along with touching on his crime writing and other work.

I'll post a little more about the session later, but for now I just thought I'd share this pic (I'm 6 foot 2, so as you can see, McGee was quite the strapping rugby player back in his day), and note that when asked - not by me, but someone else in the audience - whether he would return to crime writing, and his fascinating middle-aged female heroine Anna Markunas, in future, that McGee indicated he was open to the idea, and had always envisaged Anna's story as a trilogy.

So fingers crossed that we'll see more of 'Alix Bosco' in future.

Are you going to any of the AWRF events this weekend?

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