Thursday, May 3, 2012

Win a personally signed copy of Vanda Symon's THE FACELESS!

Sorry things have been a little quiet on Crime Watch lately, but today at least I can make up for it with a terrific opportunity for readers, wherever you are around the world!

Kiwi crime queen Vanda Symon (pictured left at last week's book launch) has graciously offered Crime Watch a personally signed copy of her brand new standalone thriller, THE FACELESS, to give away to one lucky reader. I have read THE FACELESS, and can confirm it's a terrific thriller (see initial comments here). You can also read Joanne Ganley's review here.

The giveaway competition is open worldwide. Vanda Symon will personally sign a copy of THE FACELESS for the winner, and send it to you, wherever you reside around the world. How's that for service eh? What a fantastic gesture on her part.

So, the important bits - how do you go into the draw for this great prize?

Well, to enter you need to message me with your name, postal address, and an answer to the following question: "What makes THE FACELESS different to Vanda Symon's first four books?"

There are many ways in which THE FACELESS is different, so as long as you name one of them, you go into the draw. You can enter either by leaving a comment on this blog post, or (because I know sometimes it can be difficult to leave comments on Blogger blogs) by emailing

The competition will be drawn next Friday (NZT), so you have around a week to enter.

Good luck!


  1. "The Faceless" is Vanda Symon's first standalone thriller.

  2. Because it doesn't feature Sam Shephard.

  3. The Faceless is different because it’s a stand-alone book and not part of the Sam Shepard series. Good quiz!

  4. I would love to win a copy of The Faceless! Having lost my copies of all her other books in the Chch earthquake (indeed having lost all my books) along with my house, it would be a wonderful way to start my new collection.

    Something different about The Faceless is that it isn’t based around Sam Shephard. I look forward to reading it and discovering the other differences.

    I continue to tell anyone who will listen that Vanda has changed Dunedin for me. I can’t go anywhere that is mentioned in her books without wondering where it was exactly that certain events happened. I confuse her stories with reality. Also recently when the elephant in Auckland killed it’s keeper my first thought was that they should contact Vanda because she knows all about elephants!

    Fingers crossed….

  5. THE FACELESS is a stand-alone thriller :-)

  6. Good Morning Craig,

    I thought I'd be absolutely sure by providing a couple of reasons:

    Faceless is different by being:

    1) Vanda's first standalone novel.
    2) Set in Auckland, rather than the lower South Island.
    3) The first Vanda Symon novel to contain a Fijian character.
    4) The first Vanda Symon novel to make mention of teenage prostitution.

    Fingers crossed for a win!

  7. Craig: I tried to send a message to the Ngaio Marsh site but not sure it went through to you. I was trying to say the book does not feature Sam Shephard. I am hoping to be lucky. I keep looking for her books but have not found any in Western Canada so far.

  8. Published: 26 Apr 2012
    ISBN 13: 9780143567202

  9. The Faceless is a standalone - and I´d love to win a signed copy :)

  10. I can really for a stand-alone thriller for a change. I'm going to add The Faceless to my TBR list!

  11. Thanks for the link to my review, Craig. :)

  12. The Faceless doesn't feature Sam Shephard - which surprises me somewhat as she is such a well-drawn character and it seems to be that for a crime writer to build a reputation continuity of character is a definite plus. Some very successful crime writers have taken a number of books to finally get to that elusive 'breakthrough' book and I personally hoped that Vanda would continue with her 'series' until she reached that magical book - it will happen I am sure.

    In the meantime it would be most interesting to read her new book and more own a personally signed copy.

    Brian Phillips

  13. The novel is different to the earlier as it is a stand-alone, and does not focus on the police officer in the previous books.

    Cheers, Eileen Cameron.

  14. I'd love to win a copy of The Faceless.

    What makes THE FACELESS different to Vanda Symon's first four books?

    It's the only one that doesn't feature Sam Shephard and it is the only Vanda Symon novel that I haven't read yet.

    Ryan McCall

  15. The Faceless is different because it's Vanda Symon's first stand-alone thriller.

  16. Hi
    This is Vanda's first standalone thriller , her first without Sam Shephard


  17. Hi
    This is a standalone thriller. ( Her other books were fantastic ! )

    Jill Shennan

  18. Hi Craig,

    Want to throw my name into the hat to try to win
    Vanda Symon's The Faceless.

    It is a stand-alone thriller that does not feature
    the feisty, brave and witty police detective Sam

    I have only read her book Containment, because that
    is the only book of hers in my library, and the expense
    to get her books shipped is great.

    I'd love to read this book, and would pass it along
    to a lot of reading friends.

    The one thing is that as I read the comments on your
    web page, I was moved by the post by the woman who
    lost all of her books and her house in the Christchurch
    earthquake. Her story is compelling, and I'm quite
    willing to give up my chance so she could receive the
    book. I can't imagine losing everything like that.

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  19. The new book is darker than her earlier (excellent) work. Please put me in the drawing and if I win give the book to the woman from ChCh.

  20. the Faceless differs from Vanda Symon's first four books in that it is set in Auckland ... and does not feature Sam Shepard the protagonist of her earlier novels. It's a stand-alone novel.

    Shane Donald