Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Who are the royals, and court jester of crime writing?

Today the New Zealand Book Council has published an intriguing, brand-new interview with 2013 Ngaio Marsh Award winner Paul Thomas, in its publication Booknotes Unbound.

In it Thomas discusses why he brought Tito Ihaka back after a 15-year absence, what spurred the groundbreaking original series in the mid 1990s, the use of comedy in crime, his favourite books of 2013, and much more.

Particularly pleasing for fans, perhaps, is the fact that Thomas, who writes for newspapers and magazines, as well as fiction (and has been a screenwriter and biographer too), answered the 'what are you currently working on?' question with the following:
"Another Ihaka novel which more or less picks up where Death on Demand left off."

Great news for all of us!!

Thomas, who is known as 'the Godfather' of contemporary Kiwi crime, and just received an award named after one of the four Golden Age 'Queens of Crime', was also asked who he considered as the royalty amongst crime writers. You can check out his answers, and the rest of the fun interview, here

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