Saturday, April 26, 2014

"Bloody, funny" - a new Golden Age for Kiwi crime writing?

Bloody, funny - the golden age of NZ crime fiction

Dr Jenny Lawn, from Massey Uni

Blood-soaked with a vein of humour. These are the distinctive features of home grown crime fiction, which has soared in popularity over the past two decades, says an academic who’s read most of it.

In fact the past 20 years have been dubbed ‘the golden age of Kiwi crime fiction’ by Massey University New Zealand literature expert, Dr Jenny Lawn, who has just penned a chapter on recent trends for a forthcoming edition of the Oxford History of the Novel (Oxford University Press).

Having ploughed through over 40 blood-drenched, sinister-themed books by 20 authors, she is struck by the “sheer proliferation” of crime fiction here.

Read full article here.

Interesting comments from the academic. Not sure if I agree with everything she's said in the article (seems to simplify things, or use anecdotal examples rather than explaining broader trends), but perhaps the chapter in the book goes into much more depth. That would be interesting to read. Nice pic with the crime novels though - I think I have all of those and many more in my 150+ New Zealand crime novel collection...

Do you think we're in a Golden Age of Kiwi crime writing? There sure have been some cracking books in recent years, recognised here and overseas, and a surge in the depth and breadth of the genre here. Would love to read what you think.

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