Thursday, May 15, 2014

Camilla in Christchurch

Yesterday, superstar Swedish crime writer Camilla Lackberg was in Christchurch, the home of Ngaio Marsh, as part of her Australasian tour. As well as an evening event, she was interviewed for Plains FM radio by Ngaio Marsh Award judge Ruth Todd. Two remarkable women, together. I don't have a link for the audio interview yet, but for now, here's a pic that was taken.

Camilla will be appearing in Wellington today, as well as at the Palmerston North Central Library for a great event at 6.30pm tonight, before heading to the Auckland Writers Festival this weekend (check out her event with Kiwi crime writers Paul Cleave and Ben Atkins) and Sydney Writers Festival next weekend. Lots of opportunities to meet this fantastic author.

I had the pleasure of meeting Camilla at Harrogate in 2012, and interviewing her recently for a large feature in the New Zealand Listener. I'm looking forward to catching up with her again in Sydney, where she is part of a terrific panel with Michael Robotham, John Connolly, and Adrian McKinty.

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