Friday, June 6, 2014

New Kiwi crime: BEST SERVED COLD

It's always great to see more authors joining the growing Kiwi crime fiction wave. With some international success for some of our crime writers, and lots of acclaim for the quality of the writing from many, it's great to see budding New Zealand writers choosing to write crime and mystery as stories they want to tell. One of my favourite things is to try a new author, always hopeful that there could be an unknown gem there that is going to provide entertainment, enlightenment, and maybe make me think a little more - for one book, or perhaps even more.

Last year Christchurch author Mark McGinn released his first thriller, TRUST NO ONE, on Smashwords, which is a good website for budding authors looking to go down the self-publishing route. I've been very impressed by a couple of books I've discovered and read from there.

This year, McGinn has released three further books, including a legal thriller, BEST SERVED COLD, which has as a heroine a Queen's Counsel (a highly regarded trial lawyer who's attained a merit-based elevation by the Crown to a higher status, for our non-Commonwealth friends reading here). Here's the blurb:
Remember what they say about revenge?
They were once on a jury together, forty years ago, when a man was executed for killing his wife. Now three of the four are dead, amid personal vendettas and accusations of pornography, and the last man standing is arrested for the murders. 
It’s up to Sasha Stace QC to secure his conviction. But the case is circumstantial, the trial sensational, and nothing is as it seems. In her fight for justice, Sasha embarks on a course that imperils her life and endangers those she loves. 
Best Served Cold is a fast-moving and gripping legal thriller with more twists than the rope that strangles its victims. Be warned, 
As both a former lawyer and a lover of crime fiction, I'm excited to give this book a go.

Do you enjoy legal thrillers? What are some of your favourites?


  1. My favourite legal thrillers come, believe it or not, from an acclaimed SF writer, Kate Wilhelm. She produced a very, very good SF edge-of-the-seater with a female lawyer protagonist, Barbara Holloway, and since then has kept up the series as mainstream legal thrillers. Barbara operates out of a short order restaurant in Oregon, taking on clients who can't or won't go the usual route, and accordingly gets very unusual cases. Wilhelm deserves more exposure than she is getting. Her books are excellent.

  2. Many thanks Craig. I will provide a coupon that provides a free download for all your readers who message me on