Friday, July 4, 2014

Cat Connor in the news

Wellington-based thriller writer Cat Connor was recently featured in her local newspaper (see story to the right). It's great to see New Zealand crime and thriller writers getting a bit of mainstream publicity now and then.

Connor is the author of the 'Byte' series of novels starring FBI agent Ellie Conway. I've highlighted Connor and her thrillers here on Crime Watch here a few times - I think she's one of our underrated writers, perhaps because she isn't tied to one of the bigger publishing houses. However, she's received some critical acclaim for her series, which now numbers six books with the release of DATABYTE.

In a review for Crime Watch, well-respected California-based reviewer and mystery novelist Margot Kinberg had this to say of KILLERBYTE: "Killerbyte is a fast-paced techno-thriller with welcome black humour, a likeable pair of protagonists with some real depths, and a mystery full of twists and turns. Readers may want to peek through their fingers now and again, but it’ll be worth it."

You can read our 9mm interview with Cat Connor here.

I read and enjoyed Connor's EXACERBYTE in 2011. She has a very slick writing style that reminds me of some American authors, with plenty of action and excitement that keeps the pages turning. I'm looking forward to reading more of the 'Byte series in future.

Have you read any of Cat Connor's books?

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