Saturday, August 2, 2014

Kiwi crime: Meet Angus McLean

The modern world of digital publishing and reading allows new authors many avenues to get their stories before the eyes of readers. While I am still a proponent of print publishing, and the quality standards that are inherent in the industry, there is a lot to be said for indie publishing that allows talented authors that may not otherwise make it through a busy agent or publisher's slush pile, for whatever reason (not always quality) an easier and greater opportunity to get their work out there. I have read several self-published and indie-published e-books that have been flat-out terrific, and could easily sit alongside traditionally published books in a store (almost an anachronism nowadays?), in terms of enjoyment and quality.

Along with a great number of New Zealand crime, mystery, and thriller writers being published by the traditional publishers, large and small, there are also a growing number of New Zealand authors putting out crime, mystery, and thriller tales in ebook format, via Amazon, Smashwords, and other avenues. It's great to see creative New Zealanders choosing to write in this genre, which I think can be tremendously exciting, combining page-turning storylines with memorable characters and a texture of setting or social issues. a

Recently I've discovered a pseudonymed Kiwi crime writer who has published two private eye novels in recent weeks: Angus McLean. The pseudonym is for a good reason: McLean is a working police officer who writes in his(?) spare time. An avowed fans of 80s cop and adventure shows, music, and classic crime and action stories, McLean says he aims for entertainment over literary genius.

His first novel is OLD FRIENDS, in which:

"tough Auckland private eye Dan Crowley faces off against a gang of murderous thugs when he is called on to help out his old mate, Mike Manning. A trucking firm faces collapse from unexplained stock thefts and Mike's reputation and freedom are on the line when he stands accused. He brings in his old mate Dan, proprieter of Chase Investigations, to clear his name and catch the real culprits. Backed up by Dan's resourceful wife Molly they investigate further and try to keep one step ahead of his long standing nemesis, DI Kennedy, but the boys are up against it to close the case unscathed and with their friendship intact."

McLean's second novel continues the tales of Chase Investigations, HONEY TRAP:

"When an undercover sting goes wrong, Molly Crowley faces the unpredictable violence of a burned lover. Meanwhile Dan is forced to face a list of psychopaths and killers to uncover a dangerous stalker who has their sights on the team at Chase. Mike Manning's own mysterious past, a past he would sooner forget, is threatening to raise its head, while he is fighting tooth and nail to protect those closest to him. Quick thinking and fast fists might not be enough this time to get them through unscathed."

You can read an interview with Angus McLean here.

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  1. Hi Craig, thanks so much for taking the time to feature my work on your blog, what a fantastic buzz! I've been busy lately prepping the next in my series, which I've now e-published, called Sleeping Dogs. If I hadn't been busy with that I would've seen your post and responded sooner.

    I usually check in every week to see what's new and what I should be reading :)

    Please keep up the great work highlighting the efforts of our local talent, there are some awesome writers out there taking advantage of the indie world.


    Angus McLean