Thursday, August 7, 2014

New Kiwi crime: Introducing Mark Bredenbeck

Last weekend I blogged a little about digital publishing, while introducing a new writer to the Kiwi crime writing ranks, Angus McLean (a police officer writing under a pseudonym), author of the Chase Investigations series of thrillers. McLean publishes his books on Smashwords.

Another Kiwi crime writer publishing on Smashwords is Mark Bredenbeck, a Cambridge-raised author (I believe he may now live in Dunedin) who delves into the topical issue of family violence in his debut, HUMAN FRAILTY, which has the tag line "When you look just like the long dead mother of a psychopath, and he's noticed you, it's already too late". The debut introduces Detective Sergeant Mike Bridger, who is trying to find a kidnapped university student, who has been strung up for an Internet audience to watch.

In May, Bredenbeck released his second novel, continuing the Mike Bridger series, WASTED LIVES:

"He who fights with monsters best be careful, lest he thereby become a monster"

While on stress leave, Detective Sergeant Mike Bridger is learning about the complexities of life through a book of ancient philosophy... A late night phone call drags him back into the real world where an armed robbery has gone tragically wrong. Quick work brings an early arrest, but in the process, a chain of events is set in motion that will rock the Dunedin Police to its core. During a routine enquiry, Bridger comes face to face with an old foe who wants something he can't give. He makes a choice he thought he would never have to make but what he does not realize , is that this time, anyone is fair game..."

You can read an interview with Mark Bredenbeck, and find out more about him and his Mike Bridger series here.

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