Monday, January 5, 2015

Dame Ngaio Marsh talking about her career (on screen)

Three New Zealanders was a documentary series that looked at the lives of three of NZ's most celebrated writers: Sylvia-Ashton Warner, Janet Frame and Dame Ngaio Marsh. Produced by Endeavour Films (John Barnett, who went on to lead South Pacific Pictures, a highly successful production company), the final chapter of this three-part series centres on internationally acclaimed crime-writer and Shakespearean director Dame Ngaio Marsh. It contains an interview with Marsh in her later years, interspersed with comments from former students and friends, and re-enactments from her novels (with the Blerta crew as players, and John Bach as Hamlet!).

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  1. Hi , I really should read more NZ fiction being from New Zealand , but often I find it a bit blaise. I run a book review blog also called The Phantom Paragrapher @ Am now following your blog as I am also a huge Crime and Mystery genre lover amongst other things