Monday, March 23, 2015

Brian Stoddart talks about A MADRAS MIASMA

Earlier this month I introduced Brian Stoddart and his debut mystery A MADRAS MIASMA to Crime Watch readers. Brian is a New Zealand academic and author who has worked all over the world, and has recently become a published crime writer, with his Inspector Le Fanu series set in 1920s India.

Here's the blurb for A MADRAS MIASMA:
"Madras in the 1920s. The British are slowly losing the grip on the subcontinent. The end of the colonial enterprise is in sight and the city on India's east coast is teeming with intrigue. A grisly murder takes place against the backdrop of political tension and Superintendent Le Fanu, a man of impeccable investigative methods, is called in to find out who killed a respectable young British girl and dumped her in a canal, her veins clogged with morphine." 

Now you can listen to a great free podcast with Brian and interviewer Stuart Beaton about his career, writing, and debut historical crime novel (see above).

Most recently an Emeritus Professor and Vice-Chancellor of La Trobe University in Australia, Brian has worked as a higher education consultant on programmes in the United States, the United Kingdom, Cambodia, Laos, Syria, Jordan, and also worked in education roles in India, Malaysia, Canada, the Caribbean, China, and Southeast Asia. Who says that teachers 'just teach', and don't do?

On his page about the interview, Beaton says "Brian is a fascinating author to talk with, partly because he's naturally entertaining, but mostly because he genuinely enjoys his craft! This interview ranges over a huge territory, from how he came to work in academia, through his years in India, to researching and writing the book, and on into the future of publishing." Thanks to Stuart Beaton for publishing this podcast.

You can read more about Brian Stoddart here, and A MADRAS MIASMA here.

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