Saturday, March 28, 2015


FINAL RETRIBUTION by Nettie Cox (Goldstein, Goosen, Friedlander Trust, 2014)

It's 1987. After dealing with a surfeit of murders in Auckland, Detective Inspector Clyde Landen is commanded to take two weeks leave in some quiet haven, far away from big city villains and their senseless villainies. A tall order, perhaps, in these times, but Clyde does know such a place. 

In Northern Buller, on the West Coast of the South Island, his widowed sister still lives in the family home in the small township of Eniram Hills. A visit is well overdue. Clyde looks forward to seeing his sister again and catching up with his old schoolmates. Saturday night at the pub? Just what the doctor ordered. What could go wrong? Clyde's arrival coincides with a body being washed up on the beach. When it becomes evident the young man has been murdered, Clyde's idyllic dreams shatter and the nightmares begin.

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