Thursday, April 23, 2015

Google celebrates Dame Ngaio

A nice surprise when I did a Google search this afternoon, while travelling. A very crime writing-centric 'doodle' appeared... quite cool. Even cooler when I discovered that it was in fact a 'Google Doodle' celebrating our own Dame Ngaio Marsh, who would have turned 120 years old today. On Google itself the image is a .gif, so the hatted-detective character moves about in the scene (investigating) and the lady writer types away, plotting what is going on with the crime...

EDIT: I later found out that this Google Doodle was especially done for New Zealand, and would appear only on New Zealand Google searches. Still, very cool to see Google celebrate Dame Ngaio in this way. You can read a little more at Fairfax's technology news site here.


  1. I am surprised that Google limited this to New Zealand, as she was a good deal more international figure than that. The U.S. one is just the standard today, so I don't really get it.

  2. What a lovely google doodle and a great way of celebrating her - I'm just sorry we couldn't see it in the rest of the world.