Sunday, June 28, 2015

Crime and more at Raglan Readers & Writers Festival

New Zealand's preeminent true crime writer Scott Bainbridge will join #1 bestselling crime novelist Julie Thomas, acclaimed novelist and Ngaio Marsh Award judge James George, and several other fantastic authors for an exciting festival in Raglan in mid August.

Word Cafe Raglan is a touted as a "readers and writers festival established to showcase and spark writing talent in all its forms" that will see "speakers from a kaleidoscope of writing fields share their experiences, insights and learnings." Sounds very good.

Raglan is a small coastal town in New Zealand, near Hamilton, famous for its surf breaks and access to outdoors areas. It's terrific to see the people there celebrating great books with a diverse array of writing talent, covering children's fiction, illustrating, travel writing, true crime, crime fiction self-publishing, young adult fiction, wildlife photography and much more.

Scott Bainbridge, who is New Zealand's foremost missing persons' expert, will talk about his latest books THE BASSETT ROAD MACHINE GUN MURDERS, as well as the TV shows he has been involved in, and his work reexamining missing persons' cases. Scott will be speaking at 1pm at the Raglan Town Hall on Saturday 15 August.

Julie Thomas grabbed attention when her debut THE KEEPER OF SECRETS became an international self-publishing success, selling 40,000 copies before HarperCollins USA picked it up for publication. Her second novel, BLOOD, WINE & CHOCOLATE, a thriller, hit #1 on the local bestseller list earlier this year. Julie will be part of the "Self-publishing vs Publishing" panel at 11am on Sunday 16 August.

You can read more about the festival line-up, and grab tickets, at the official website here.

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